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I'm Mark Harris.

I grew up in a home where there were certain soaps and towels in the bathroom we were not allowed to use.

I was born in San Jose, California and have two brothers - I'm the well-adjusted, middle kid. My family moved us to Florida when I was 12 where I was excited to learn people actually swim in the ocean rather than run from the cold crashing waves like they do in the Pacific.

I was in the third grade when i began to take notice that drawing came easier to me than it did to most of my classmates. I drew the usual things; cars, superheros, spaceships, football helmets and monkeys. Through the encouragement of others as I approached graduation, nearly joining the NAVY because of the movie TopGun, thankfully, I instead decided to become a professional artist.

My Art education began at Ricks College/BYU-Idaho where I received my Associates degree. Tired of the snow adn falling on the ice, I moved back to Florida to receive my Bacherlors degree of Art from the much warmer Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida.

During my years at Ringling, I initially planned to become a Disney Animator, commuting 70 miles each way from Tampa. I had a fairly natural knack for drawing the figure, I loved the art of animation and it seemed like a logical and reachable goal with Orlando outside my back door. However, in my second and third year I became inspired by my illustration professors who worked freelance. After graduation started working for a subcontracting gaming company for Disney Interactive and Mattel.

Through my career I have worked in varying facets of the creative industry. I have worked in Video game development, Web design, Graphic design, Concept/Character design, 3-D Textures, Storyboards and Free-lance Illustration.

For the last 10 tears I have been employed as an Illustrator and now an ArtLead for a Multimedia gaming company called EVERI, in Austin, Texas.

I believe as an artist, I'm always looking for inspiration and those I can learn from. Art and its tools are always changing and improving. Who knew when I was in Art school we'd one day draw directly on our screens?

When I'm not eating Frosted Flakes, drinking chocolate Yoo-Hoo, sleeping, drawing or workng on some form of art, Im probably watching Seinfeld, killing my grass or playing a prank on someone.

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